Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Peace is a Journey

On Anzac Day The Peace Poppy Project Photographic Exhibition opened at the Lakehouse Arts Centre in Takapuna. It represents four years of photographic /video documentation of the Peace Poppy Project.

The show celebrates the numerous children and families who created , shared and displayed hand made peace poppies to commemorate those who served

These poppies were used to create huge peace symbols in public places, one of which is the monumental  Peace Poppy displayed on the Lakehouse Arts Centre front lawn. 

The message conveyed through the Peace Poppy project is :
Peace is not something to fight for: peace is a journey chosen each day by every small action we take. Peace is something to take upon ourselves in the way we look after each other , our global community and  ultimately ourselves and the planet we all share. Projects such as this offer a quiet voice amongst the violence we are presented with every day through the media.

The Peace Poppy project and photographic exhibition were created by two amazing women: Christina Beth and Katharina Kercher.

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