Wednesday, 19 April 2017

An Obsessive Pursuit

An Obsessive Pursuit: An exhibition of works by North Shore Studio Potters brought back so many good memories of the days when I was a member of the Pottery Co-operative Pots of Ponsonby and also spent time teaching teenagers on the Steps Programme at Auckland Studio Potters. 

I was familiar with the work of all of these potters at that time. Several of them exhibited at Pots of Ponsonby and Peter Collis was for a time a member. The quality of their work makes these pieces timeless.

To see their work brought together at NorthArt was a special experience.  

North Shore Ceramics
10 April – 3 May

The North Shore’s impressive ceramic tradition is highlighted in a fascinating survey exhibition that explores the local studio pottery movement from its beginnings in early 1950s, through the enormously productive 1970s – during which potters could barely keep up with the popular demand for domestic ware – to the present day as ceramics enjoys a resurgence.

Original pieces by Barry Brickell and Ian Firth, founding members of the North Shore Potters Society, the first of its kind when it was formed in 1951, feature alongside works by other prominent potters through the periods such as Graeme Storm, Merilyn Wiseman, Peter Collis, Peter Shearer and Campbell Hegan.

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