Wednesday, 5 April 2017

An Enchanted Kauri Forest at the Lakehouse

Emma Petterson's Enchanted Forest Series is hanging in the Lakehouse Arts Centre Cafe from 5 April-14 May. Their soft golden glow against mysterious dark backgrounds is enchanting.

Her inspiration for this series of small paintings was "the primordial forest that once covered all of Aotearoa New Zealand before human settlement. "

" I have tried to capture the mystery and magic of a land untouched by human hand" she writes. " It's hard to imagine that where I live in suburban Te Atatu Peninsula was once covered in Kauri and Rewarewa trees.

Her choice of palette and composition was inspired by the oriental art of laquerware.

" My granddad brought back from Japan, a black laquered jewelry box, inlaid with mother of pearl. I used this as a starting point to research laquer and gilding techniques."

 Come in to view them and if you look closely you may recognise herons, weka, eels, fish, ducks, dragonflies and various plant life that existed in the ancient "Enchanted Forest".

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