Saturday, 31 October 2015

Abigail Knightly Book Launch

Such a lovely occasion , the book launch of Abigail Knightly by Latesha Randall ( author) and Esther Tattershall ( illustrator) at the Lake House Arts Centre this afternoon. A chance to dress up,  plenty of cake, colouring in and some of the original paintings from this delightful childrens' book on display as well as story time with Latesha.

Friday, 30 October 2015

The Lake House Arts Centre Garden in Full Bloom

Thanks to the efforts put in by BNZ volunteers earlier this year (and their generous donation of $500 for some of the plants ) the West part of our Lake House Arts Centre garden is now in full bloom and looking gorgeous. 

Wensley Petterson and Genevieve Becroft selected plants that would be low maintenance and could withstand dry conditions for this part of the garden . But they also needed to have the form and colours to create a beautiful palette. I think they have amply succeeded!

Pop in for a relaxing look at the current exhibitions in the Becroft and cafe galleries before having a coffee and taking a wander around the garden.

The Lake House Arts Centre can be found at 37 Fred Thomas Dr, Takapuna.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Breaker of White Horses: Softening the Blow of Domestic Violence

Our Lake House patron Genevieve Becroft had  a photo opportunity this week in the picture booth which has been specially built to accompany   'Breaker of White Horses'. a portrait exhibition
by Alexandra Taylor , a fine arts honours student, 

'Breaker' and 'White Horses' are allegories referring to the whitewater that helps to break down the energy of an oncoming wave; just as with the tide of domestic violence, Family Action softens the blow but cannot hope to dispel the issue at hand.

The exhibition which runs from 30 September 2015 - 18 October 2015 is an artist-run social experiment aimed at gathering recognition and acknowledgement of Family Action, a counselling and refuge centre for those affected by family and sexual violence, abuse, or trauma.Their mission is safety, restoration and renewal, and their vision is Whanau toa - strong flourishing families.

Alexandra's stunning portraits are of some of the hard working staff who help run this caring and confidential place, where issues in relationships and the violence or abuse that many New Zealanders experience or have experienced, can be discussed.

Much of what they provide in caring for victims of domestic violence is not covered by the State. These women care immensely for the well being of their clients, and they are welcoming you to join them in taking a stand against the oppression

If you would like to show your support do come on over, enjoy looking at the portraits, take a photograph, post it on their Facebook and if you can, make a small donation to this very worthwhile cause at 

Every dollar counts, and will be transferred directly to the organisation.

The Lake House Arts Centre can be found at :
37 Fred Thomas Dr, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Good Looking Rabbit at the Lake House

The garden at LakeHouse Arts Centre in Takapuna is looking gorgeous right now, with flowers in full bloom. The rabbit sculpture has had a repaint and no longer looks faded and sad, 
After checking out the prints and portraits in the galleries we had a wander outside and then sat out in the sunshine and enjoyed a coffee.

Here's one of the other sculptures having a make-over.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Korean Gardens Trust: Memorial Stone Reception

It was a pleasure to attend  The Memorial Stone Reception  organised by the Korean Gardens Trust on August 8 .  
We are looking forward to seeing the Korean Garden  (which will be next to the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna)  up and running. The garden will promote a peaceful and tolerant relationship between Korea and New Zealand. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

NZ Calligraphers Association Exhibition: The Opening Night

A delightful evening at the opening of the New Zealand Calligraphers exhibition at the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna this evening: good company, good food and great art!

The Art of Letters - NZ Calligraphers Association

Wednesday 06 May 2015 - Sunday 24 May 2015
Opening Tuesday 5th May 5-7pm
Everyone is familiar with letters.  They are widely used in a functional manner. The New Zealand Calligraphers Association will portray the art and beauty that can be found within letters

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Planting Peace Poppies on Hurstmere Green

The Peace Poppy Project is a community art project involving hundreds of people and thousands of large poppies to create an attention-grabbing installation in the neighbourhood. It's about respecting and remembering those people involved and affected by war. Secondly, it's about taking time to consciously consider peace whilst making your poppy. During de-installation the poppies are given away either for a gold coin donation or in an act of kindness, creating another opportunity to radiate the principles of peaceful living.

This afternoon we planted poppies in the shape of a giant Peace symbol on Hurstmere Green in the centre of Takapuna.. It was designed by Lisa Rogers , Manager of the Lake House Arts Centre, and is a very appropriate reminder that after the dreadful sacrifice and loss of life in World War One we must all continue to strive for Peace.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Japan Festival Day : A Fashion Statement

It was Japan Festival Day in Auckland today and some of the teenagers around town were engaging in cos ( costume ) play. They looked similar to the fashion statements I saw around Harajuku Station in Tokyo some years ago. I'd love to see more of it happening  here. It's clever, creative and would help to liven up our city centre.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

OPEN at Lake House Arts

Children unleashed their creative talents at the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna this weekend as part of OPEN, a North Shore community Arts Festival.
It was really inspiring to see how odds and ends , bits of fabric, clothes pegs, pipe cleaners, paper and glue were enough to motivate them to make some delightful art. Upcycling in action!