Saturday, 6 August 2016

Echoes of Gondwana-The memories beneath our feet at the Lakehouse

Susannah Macdonald's 'Echoes of Gondwana -The memories beneath my feet has just opened at the Lakehouse Arts centre in Takapuna and is well worth a visit.

I was at the opening and really enjoyed meeting Susannah and viewing her artworks.
She has long been fascinated with the theory of Gondwana and the seismic and geological forces which split the continent and separated us from Australia.

She is also  fascinated by  the knowledge that New Zealand was once part of the sunken continent of Zealandia, and has been endeavouring to capture the essence of these movements in this series of paintings,

Susannah has  been drawing on the idea that human memory of these forces at work , may give rise to mythology. Conversely she asks, does the consciousness reflected in mythology bring about these changes.

This exhibition: Echoes of Gondwana - The memories beneath our feet: by Susannah MacDonald will be on in the Lakehouse Arts Centre from Wednesday August 3-Sunday August 28


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  1. Thanks Lyn! A great summary.The photos look really good too.