Saturday, 15 November 2014

Twitter Feed Art

Cab Life, one of a series called Twitter Feed Art  by  Elisabeth Alani. It was inspired by an overheard conversation. Elisabeth is a Samoan/Chinese artist who is also the administrator at Tautai.

'We are all Indian but we come from Different Countries."

This artwork is part of an exhibition called In Situ by three young Pacific artists, Lana Lopesi, Elisabeth Alani and Salome Tanuvasa on  at the Lake House Arts Centre Cafe , 13 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna from Sunday November 16-Sunday November 30.
Drop by, have a coffee and enjoy!

This small exhibition challenged me, amused me and inspired me.

 "Through language we have an innate ability to transcend culture, age and class. The everyday encountering of language through conversation, enables us to understand each other. Types of language even among a small geographical area such as Auckland varies immensely crossing suburbs and therefore socio-economic barriers. Elisabeth, Lana and Salome come from South, West and East Auckland. While on paper they may appear similar as NZ born female artists of a shared lineage, they all have incredibly varied experiences of being Pacific Women."

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